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Murder is a Piece of Cake
Josie Marcus, Mystery Shopper #8
Elaine Viets

November 2012/ ISBN 978-0-451-23851-1
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Mystery shopper Josie Marcus is surprised to land a plum assignment. You see, usually her boss, Harry- The- Horrible gives her the worst jobs he can find. Josie takes the assignments because she needs the money. Josie is soon to be a bride and is looking forward to the big day with her fiancée, Ted, the local veterinarian. Therefore, when Harry gives her a job testing out wedding flowers and cakes she jumps headlong into her work. This can only be good, right?

In Josie’s life is one thing is going good, it’s certain that something else will go awry. This time, the problem comes in the form of a woman stalking Ted, and declaring that she is his bride-to-be. Then Ted’s mother, the gun-toting Lenore, saves Ted when Molly threatens to kill him if he doesn’t marry her.

Yet before Josie and Ted can get their plans back on track, Molly is shot and Lenore deemed the likely culprit. What else can Josie do, but what she does best? Track down the killer herself to clear her mother-in-law to be of murder charges.
As usual, Viets has constructed a fun and intriguing mystery, and had me cheering Josie on as she does all she can to catch a killer, plan her own wedding, and cope with her feisty mother and increasingly testy daughter.

Fans of the series will be delighted with this latest entry. It’s a page-turner filled with love, romance, murder, sleuthing and over-the-top family dynamics. You don’t want to miss Josie’s latest romp through danger.

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