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Murder of a Stacked Librarian
A Scumble River Mystery #16
Denise Swanson

September 2013 / ISBN-10: 0451416503
Mystery - cozy / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

With one week until she marries Wally Boyd, Skye Denison does not need anything else to distract her. It is bad enough Wally is taking extra shifts at the Scumble River Police Dept. - which leaves Skye with all the last minute details to get the wedding together. To top it all, Christmas is in two days and Skye still needs to shop for last minutes gifts.

Christmas Eve finds Skye with her family waiting to start the feast that all the women had made. Wally is going to be delayed due to a fatal car accident. Yvonne Osborne, the temporary librarian, was the victim. Wally thinks there is something wrong with the accident scene. The next morning he tells Skye that Yvonne did not have an accident - someone forced her car off the bridge. Looks like Skye will have to help solve this murder if she wants to get to the church on time. She better be very careful or she could find herself shelved.

Things to ponder: Who ranted about Yvonne Osborne in the Star? Who would want to force Yvonne's car off the road? Will Skye and Wally finally get married?

Reading a Scumble River mystery is like visiting an old friend. Denise Swanson does not disappoint. She has delivered a well plotted intriguing mystery. Each book in the series is a little gem. I read this book in one day - it is one series that I devour in one sitting. If you can't wait for the next Scumble River Mystery, you should try Ms. Swanson's other series, the Devereaux's Dime Store Mysteries. So, if you like your mystery with a visit to an old friend, then you should read Murder of a Stacked Librarian.

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Reviewer's Note: Holiday mystery - takes place around Christmas
Reviewed 2013