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Murder, Plain and Simple
An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery #1
Isabella Alan

An Obsidian Mystery
September 2013/ ISBN 0451413636
Mystery – cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Having her engagement broken was all the excuse Angie Braddock needed to start a life far away from Ryan Dickinson. So, she left her Texas home to move to Holmes County, OH to run her Aunt Eleanor’s Amish quilt shop. The shop is her inheritance after her aunt’s death. The Amish are not friendly to her except for her aunt’s quilting circle. They are there to help and advise her on what is going on in Rolling Brook, OH. There is one problem – the deed to the shop is missing and Joseph Walker claims he has a deed that proves he owns the shop.

An interview with Danny Nicolson got Angie to the shop very early the next morning - even if she was late for the interview. Why wasn’t the double wedding ring quilt hanging on the wall behind the cash register? Angie checks the storeroom before the interview to look for the quilt. She finds a very dead Joseph Walker – nearby is the quilt in tatters! It looks like the Sheriff has found his prime suspect. Angie needs to figure out whodunit before she ends up stitched in the ditch.

Things to ponder: Where is Aunt Eleanor’s copy of the store deed? Why did Oliver try to bite the double wedding ring quilt? Why was Joseph Walker in the quilt shop?

This is the first book in a new series that I look forward to reading. It is well plotted and has an intriguing cast of characters. The author has included some quilting tips. The next book in the series Murder, Simply Stitched will be out in May 2014. By the way the author also writes under the name Amanda Flower. So if you like your mystery with an Amish flair, then you should be reading Murder, Plain and Simple.

Reviewed 2013