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Never Go Back
Jack Reacher #18
Lee Child

Delacorte Press
Sept 2013/ ISBN 9780385344340


Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Jack Reacher left South Dakota, his destination Virginia the headquaters of the 110th MP Special Unit which he had left 16 years ago, There he wants to meet Major Susan Turner, the new CO of the 110th. He had been charmed by her voice in their many telephone conversations.

His arrival was far from a happy one. He found turner was no longer co having been accused of accepting a bribe for security information. In addition to this trouble Reacher is charged with a murder which allegedly occurred 16 years ago, and with a paternity suit. He claims his innocence of these charges as does Turner.

Reacher frees Turner from her confinement. They flee the area determined to prove their innocence and find those who had framed them. Thy must elude the FBI, the CIA, US Army and the Washington DC police. Their search takes them as far as California. Every step of their way seems to be anticipated. With the help of Reacher's two JAG lawyers and Turner's loyal sergeant they must unravel this plot and obtain justice.

Lee Child has never failed to write an outstanding book. He gives the reader suspense and excitement as well as excellent writing.

The one problem is that there is too much time between books.

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Reviewed 2013