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Pall in the Family
Family Fortune Mystery #1
Dawn Eastman

Berkley Prime Crime
August 2013/ 978-0-425-26427-0


Reviewed by Laura Hinds

This new series cast its spell over me from the title alone; followed immediately by endearing me to the town of Crystal Haven and its magical residents. Clyde (Clytemenstra) Fortune has returned to her hometown after a crisis in her work as a police officer in Ann Arbor. Coming home has advantages and disadvantages, both involving her eccentric family.

The Fortune family has an array of psychic gifts, ranging from reading Tarot cards, to communicating with animals. Clyde has tried to keep her own talents at bay because she often has prophetic dreams and they are usually nightmares of bad things to come. Including death. Therefore, her summer visit to Crystal Haven is to be stress-free and low-key as she works as a dog walker. The stress-free part ends quickly, when local lawyer and family friend, Sara Landess is murdered. Will Clyde’s psychic gifts be called to the forefront to solve the murder? Will Aunt Vi be able to clean any information from Sara’s Shih Tzu? On the other hand, will another murder complicate everything and put Clyde and her whole family in danger?

“Pall in the Family” is a fabulous start to a brand new series. There are characters with heart, humor, and paranormal abilities that keep you guessing. I really enjoyed the aspect of animal communication, and look forward to what I predict will be a wildly successful new mystery series. While I must confess that I had the killer (no I won’t spoil it!) pegged fairly early on in the book, I was so captivated by Clyde and her family and her friends that I read the book from cover to cover on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

If you enjoy a cozy mystery with a bent towards the paranormal, plenty of laughable moments, a whisper of romance to come, lovable dogs, and unique family bonds, then I urge you to let your fingers do the walking to buy this book online, or head out the door RIGHT NOW to buy a copy from your local bookseller. Five crystal ball rating for this one!

Reviewed 2013