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The Perfect Scream
By James Andrus

2013 / ISBN 9780786027705

Reviewed by Bob Walch

At first they seem like unfortunate accidents, but as more and more members of the Tau Upsilon fraternity die, it becomes obvious someone is out to eradicate this chapter at the University of North Florida.

The person behind the deaths has a clear agenda, and the game plan will be meticulously executed until the young men this sociopath wants to eliminate are gone.

Detective John Stallings isn't too enthusiastic about being assigned this case, for he has little interest in baby-sitting a bunch of obnoxious frat boys. He's also not too thrilled about trying to locate one of the boys who has gone AWOL either. But all that changes when Stallings realizes that this assignment is connected to own daughter's disappearance.

With the killer becoming bolder and bolder, it is imperative that these crimes be stopped. What makes the task doubly difficult, though, is the fact that no one would expect the cute sister of one of the frat boys has anything to do with these atrocities. But this is Florida where the unlikeliest of things sometimes occur!

Fans of police procedurals will find this John Stallings novel much to their liking. A career law enforcement officer, James Andrus is still an active member of the police force. He certainly understands investigative field procedures. This becomes very evident as Andrus puts his characters through the process of solving this case.

Reviewed 2013