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Picture Perfect Corpse
A Kiki Lowenstein Scrap-N-Craft Mystery #6
Joanna Campbell Slan

Midnight Ink
May 8, 2013/ ISBN 0738735388
Cozy Mystery


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

This book starts off with a bang. Kiki Lowenstein has been shot by Detective Chad Detweiler's estranged wife Brenda. She takes off and we all think that will be the last we hear from Brenda. In a way it is - Brenda is found dead. The bullet casings near the crime scene come from Detective Detweiler's gun!

The police think they have found the killer and they have charged Detective Chad Detweiler with the crime. With Detweiler under house arrest, can Kiki find the real killer? She is dealing with other heavy issues including having to say good-bye to, Dodie, her longtime boss and mentor. Can Kiki fulfill Dodie's last request? Will Kiki forgive herself for taking a life, even if it meant she saved herself and several other people?

Things to ponder: Who killed Brenda Detweiler? What is the secret that Anya is keeping? Will Mert ever forgive Kiki? What color will the new baby be wearing - - - pink or blue?

As always, Joanna Campbell Slan has written a fabulous mystery that will keep you breathless. It is a well plotted, fast paced read. Ms. Slan weaves an intricate story with many plot twists and turns. I hope we won't have to wait long for the next book in this delightful series. Included are craft projects and tips and recipes. So if you like your mystery with a scrappy attitude, then you should read Picture Perfect Corpse.

Reviewed 2013