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Private London
Private / International # 4
James Patterson / Mark Pearson
Read by Rupert Degas

Hachette Audio
December 4, 2012 / ISBN: 1611130239
Mystery/Thriller / Audiobook / Unabridged / 6 hours, 46 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Contains violence, sex and profanity

Dan Carter, who runs the London office of Private Worldwide, was doing something he hated.  He was on an airplane, flying to the United States to meet his boss and the owner of Private, Jack Morgan.  Morgan had a job that he said only Dan Carter could do.  

Hanna Shapiro, A young American woman going to college to study psychiatry, is a woman with a past.  On her thirteenth birthday, six years ago, Hanna and her mother had been kidnapped.  Hannah had been forced to watch as her mother was raped.  Then, when Hannah’s father had refused to pay the ransom, she was forced to watch as the kidnappers shot and killed her mother. 

Though Jack Morgan had found them, he was too late to save Hannah’s mother.  He did save Hannah.  Now that Hannah was going to another country to go to school, the specter of that earlier kidnapping haunts her father.  He wants Private to provide a companion for Hannah to stay close to her and protect her.  Carter gets a girl named Chloe to do that job.  But Hannah and her friend, Laura, were jumped in a dark alley.  Chloe was almost killed trying to protect them and Hannah was kidnapped. 

Read by Rupert Degas, this story comes to life as it twists and turns through its convoluted plot.  The characters are human, confused teenagers, scared and worried adults trying to find the victims, and killers and radicals trying to achieve their aims, even if it is the last thing the world needs. 

The book is well written, with only a slight amount of explict content.  The violence is rather graphic, as is usual in this kind of story, even though it could be toned down a little.  Listen to Private London and enjoy another James Patterson thriller.

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