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Pros & Cons: A Short Story
By Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
Read by Scott Brick

Random House Audio
May 21, 2013 / ASIN: B00CTTHFYY
Fiction / Unabridged Audio - Audible

Reviewed by Carisa Farrington

FBI agent Kate O'Hare has a goal that is starting to seem more impossible to reach than she thought: to capture the professional thief and conman, Nick Fox. In hunting for any clue as to where he may be, O'Hare gets wind of a possible heist that could only be the brainchild of the notoriously cocky man who kept slipping through her fingers.

Nick Fox, like any other kind of artist, lives for his work. His latest plan, however, is one of the most intricate and dependent on perfect timing right down to the second. His role as gay wedding planner for a rich, old man and his latest (and youngest) wife-to-be, is vital to the success of Nick's plan and it seems nothing can prevent him from pulling of one of the greatest jobs he's ever set up - except the attractive FBI agent he's been taunting with vague clues.

This is a short story released to set up fans for the first Fox and O'Hare novel, The Heist. For a short story, it has a lot to take in and is a great precursor to the novel. The introductions of the two main characters are humorous and help establish the "who's the cat and who's the mouse" game they keep playing with each other. It's worth the buy, not just as an introduction but also as a quick and entertaining listen. Scott Brick as the narrator does an amazing job of individualizing each voice of each character, giving the listeners even greater insight into the characters through their dialogue. Evanovich and Goldberg fans are in for an incredible ride.

Reviewed 2013