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Quilt Trip
A Southern Quilting Mystery #3
Elizabeth Craig

publisher Obsidian
December 3, 2013/ ISBN: 978-0-451-24603-7
Genre Mystery/Cozy/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Beatrice Coleman, a retired folk art curator, has settled in nicely to the small town of Dappled Hills, North Carolina. There may have been some murder and mayhem to disrupt things since she moved to town, but she's sure that is all behind her now.

Beatrice belongs to a local quilt guild, and the women stick together and usually abide by the rules of etiquette. That is about to change. Meadow Downy, one of the quilt guild members is taking Beatrice on a road trip. It seems that there is a meeting at Muriel Starnes mansion in the mountains, and the Village Quilters Guild members weren't invited. Meadow declares that they are not crashing the meeting, but rather showing up unannounced.

Once again, murder is afoot when the elderly Muriel dies-and Beatrice sets her sleuthing cap back on her head to solve the crime before the killer strikes again. As it turns out, Muriel was not well liked, and any of the quilters at the meeting could be responsible. Will the guilt show on the murder's face or is someone a dark-hearted quilter with no remorse?

I always enjoy a good murder mystery, and this is one, indeed. I love the characters, and Beatrice is my favorite. For a retiree, she has a lot of spunk and energy. The mystery has a touch of a gothic feel, with the killing happening on a dark and stormy night at a Victorian mansion tucked away in the mountains.

The loyalty of the quilting friends makes me want to sit in with the Village Quilters Guilt even if I don't know how to quilt. The title is clever, the cover-art warm and inviting, and Craig's clever character development and sharp mystery kept me riveted to the story. Order your copy today and snuggle up with the book on a cold winter's day.

Reviewed 2013