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Remnants of Murder
Southern Sewing Circle Mystery #8
Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Berkley Prime Crime
August 2013/ ISBN 978-0-425-25784-5


Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Sweet Briar librarian Tori Sinclair has been involved in murder investigations before. She hopes never to be involved in one again. However, when local 91-year-old Clyde Montgomery dies suddenly, and it appears he may have been poisoned,Tori’s convictions compel her to investigate.

Teaming up with the recently dismissed (and Tori’s predecessor) librarian Dixie Dunn, residents and business people are questioned about motive, means, and opportunity. Clyde had lived on lake view property that was the source of discontent amongst many of Sweet Briar’s denizens. If only Clyde had agreed to sell to a resort company, the town could have reaped the benefits of the tourist trade, making life a lot easier financially, especially for small business owners.

So who killed Clyde, and was the motive as simple as financial need? On the other hand, is there more to the story that the daring duo of librarians will discover by doing their research together?

I love a good mystery. I love libraries and librarians. Pair these things up, add in eccentric characters, small town quirks and southern charm, and this book is a winner. I’ve been enthralled with the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries from the very first book, and continue to hang on Elizabeth Lynn Casey’s every word. “Remnants of Murder” gets my highest recommendation for mystery lovers everywhere!

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Reviewed 2013