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Rubbed Out
A Memphis BBQ Mystery #4
Riley Adams

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2013 /ISBN-10: 0425259994
Mystery - cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

The annual Rock and Ribs barbeque completion was starting. Cherry and several of the Graces were barbequing spare ribs to compete against the other small booths known as the Patio Porkers. Cherry, Flo and Evelyn would have been having a wonderful time except that the pit master in the next tent, Reuben Shaw, was an obnoxious jerk. He sure knew how to push Cherry's buttons. Hearing a commotion in his tent, Cherry and Lulu rush over to find Brody with his hands around Reuben's throat. Reuben lunges at Sharon and, in order to stop him from hurting her, Cherry hits him over the with a plaster bust of Elvis. This incident was witnessed by Pink Rogers, a Memphis police officer.

Things calm down a bit and Reuben storms off. Flo goes home to rest, and Lulu stays to keep Cherry company. Of course, as soon as Flo returns it starts to pour. Cherry is looking for her extra tarp so Lulu will not get soaked walking to her car. She thinks Rueben may have taken it for spite. Lulu and Cherry go to his storage tent and see more than they were expecting. There is Reuben wrapped up in Cherry's tarp with a butcher knife stuck in his chest. Cherry really doesn't have an alibi, so it looks like it will be up to Lulu to find the murderer. Lulu better be very careful or she could end up skewered and smoked!

Things to ponder: Who took Cherry's tarp? Would Morty make a good spy? What is up with Coco and peanut butter?
This book is perfect for the summer. It is a fun, fast read. The eclectic characters make you feel like you are visiting a place you love. The author has included some yummy recipes too. Riley, write quick, I will need another helping of barbeque real soon. So if you like your mystery extra spicy, then you should be reading Rubbed Out.

Reviewed 2013