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The Safe Man
Michael Connelly
Read by David W. Collins

Hachette Audio
October 22, 2012 / ASIN: B009HA99T2
Short Story / Fiction / Suspense / Ghost Story --- Audiobook (Unabridged) Run Time: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

This short Michael Connell story leaves you on the edge of your seat all the way through. This is the first time it has been published under Connelly’s own name.

Brian Holloway is, like his father, a safe man. Unlike his father, he wasn’t in prison. He ran an honest business. In other words, he is an expert in the art of opening safes no one else can open. Either the client has lost the combination or some other situation. He has been called to the home of an author of mysteries to open a safe. The author recently purchased the house and discovered the safe when he had the floors redone. He tried to open the safe, but found it locked and no one knew the combination.

The safe was a brand Brian had never heard of before. He needed to know where the gears were so he could avoid a double drill, having to drill again because his guess of the gears’ location had been off the mark. Unfortunately, the safe wasn’t listed in any of his manuals, and he didn’t have time to research it. He had to drill twice and watch out for six-year-old Lucy, who’d come in, fascinated by the goings-on.

This story is truly fascinating. It’s definitely a Michael Connelly star. The characters are ordinary people and the plot is possible, at least in the beginning. The end will leave you shocked. For me, the end came all too soon, like hitting a brick wall. I wanted to go further, to know more, but there was nothing more.

Download this story and listen as David W. Collins reads the story like Brian Holloway was telling it himself. You’ll enjoy this one!

Reviewed 2013