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Cumberland Creek Mystery #2
Mollie Cox Bryan

January 2013/ ISBN 978-0758266323

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Annie Chamovitz has finished the book she wrote about the murder of Maggie Rae. She is awakened by a phone call from Detective Bryant. The call is about a body found in the Cumberland Creek River. Since Annie is a freelancer for the Washington Herald, she gets up and heads to the crime scene. While there is a dead body, Detective Bryant did not call Annie. Annie sees that the body has strange markings on it. Soon a second murder has occurred. Both are young, redheaded girls from Jenkins Hollow and with the same markings on their bodies.

Life goes on and the scrapbooking friends are busy with their lives. That is until one of their own is arrested on suspicion of murder! Can Annie and her scrapbooking friends find the real murderer or will one of them get pasted?

Things to ponder: Who really called Annie to the crime scene? What is wrong with Annie? Who painted the rune on Beatrice’s house? Does it have anything to do with the rune earring worn by Luther Vandergrift?

Mollie Cox Bryan gets better with every book she writes in the Cumberland Creek Mystery Series. This second book in the series is every bit as good as Scrapbook of Secrets , maybe even better. I like that different characters move the story along. We get to find out how complex these people really are. It is a riveting mystery that made me read it in one day. I love this series and can’t wait to read the next one. So Mollie – please write fast as I can’t wait.

Reviewer's Note: Scrapbook of Secrets is the first in the series. There are also scrapbooking terms and tips included in the book
Reviewed 2013