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A Second Helping of Murder
Comfort Food Mystery #2
Christine Wenger

April 1, 2014/ ISBN 0451415094
Mystery/ cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Trixie Matkowski has everything running smoothly at the Silver Bullet Diner in Sandy Harbor, New York. It has been several months since she purchased the family business from her Aunt Stella. Tourist season will soon be starting and the 12 cottages Trixie also owns will soon be full with paying vacationers. In fact, Cabin 8 will be occupied by David Burrows the next day. He insisted he wanted only that cabin.

A body has been found in a nearby cave by some kids. The body is identified as Claire Jacobson who has been missing more than 20 years. Trixie remembers that Claire had been very kind to her. She also remembered that Claire’s family had been renting Cabin #8 at the time. Mr. Burrows arrives and checks into Cabin #8. He is a writer and it looks like he plans on typing on an old fashioned typewriter. That night, Trixie sees someone in the rain and then hears a car start. She goes to investigate and finds the door to Cabin #8 open. She goes inside and finds a very dead David Burrows on the floor. The room has been tossed. Trixie decides to find the murderer - even after hunky Deputy Ty Brisco tells her not to meddle in a police investigation. Trixie had better be very careful solving these murders. She could very well end up scrambled.

Things to ponder: Who put Claire Jacobson’s body in the cave? Why does David Burrows insist on renting Cabin #8? Where is the scrapbook that Trixie saw in Cabin #8? Is there a connection between the two murders?

This is such a fun series. I love how there is camaraderie between the Silver Bullet Diner family. They are always pitching in to help out Trixie. This is a fast-paced, well plotted read. I found myself reading this book in one day. The author has included several yummy recipes. The next serving of A Comfort Food Mystery will be out in January 2015 – so look for Diners, Drive-Ins and Death. If you like your mystery with the daily special, then you should be reading A Second Helping of Murder.

Reviewed 2014