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Seed No Evil
Flower Shop Mystery #14
Kate Collins

August 2013/ ISBN 978-0-451-41549-3
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth


Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Abby Knight, florist extraordinaire, is busy getting ready for her own wedding, when there is yet another murder in the small town of New Chapel, Indiana. The larger problem (although obviously not for the deceased), is Abby’s mother found the body, and is more than “a person of interest.” She’s an actual suspect.

Marco, Abby’s soon to be husband, is a PI, and Abby helps out as his assistant. The pair immediately launch their own investigation to dig the killer out by the roots as well as clear Abby’s mother’s name. After all, they’re getting married in two short weeks and the mother of the bride can’t be in lockup!

Just who did kill Bev Powers, director of the local pet shelter, and why? Does it have to do with the fact the shelter might be forced to change its no-kill policy? Is someone setting up Maureen Knight for a reason? Thank goodness Abby has friends and employees, Lottie and Grace, to keep her flower shop running while she investigates. On top of all this, Abby has to deal with her cousin Jillian’s pregnancy rehearsal. Mind you, Jillian is already pregnant, but has taken to wearing a fake baby bump to prepare for the real thing…and with hormones on overdrive she’s more demanding than ever.

I’ve read every book in this series, and been fortunate enough to review several. Abby is so real and down to earth, and the supporting characters work perfectly throughout the series. Kate Collins writes meticulously plotted mysteries, and combines enough romance and humor for the perfect amateur sleuth book. You can’t go wrong with “Seed No Evil.” Enjoy!!

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