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Sherlock Holmes and the Knave of Hearts
Sherlock Holmes Series – Book II
Steve Hayes and David Whitehead

Robert Hale
28 February 2013/ ISBN-13: 9780719807947
Historical Mystery /1886 / Paris and environs, France

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Sherlock Holmes is not well; drug abuse never did anybody any good.  Watson, as both is friend and his doctor, recommends a vacation to France where he can visit an old friend.  Sherlock is not very keen, but while crossing the channel he notices a young man who seems terrified of the rain. Surely there is a mystery here worth investigating? Shortly after embarking, Sherlock spots the man he truly wishes to meet -- Jules Verne. But before he can do anything he witnesses the writer shot before his eyes.  Now he truly has a mystery to solve.

If you have read Sherlock Holmes and the Queen of Diamonds  (also reviewed on this site) you will be anticipating this second volume as being equally pacy and readable. You won’t be disappointed, as there is a good yarn in here that manages to be very different from the first book and if you haven’t read it, this does not matter for once.  You have missed an enjoyable tale, but as long as you have read Conan Doyle’s work, you will be up to speed.  No western theme this time but a French one, complete with Jules Verne and an episode from the man’s own life involving his nephew.  What follows is an exciting adventure, although there is not that much of the whodunit about it, as most of the facts are laid out as they happen.  Missing from just about every pastiche Holmes story is that frequently chilling sense of the bizarre that Conan Doyle evokes in just about every one of his own stories.  For me, it is this that makes them special and unique.  This element is missing here as well, but if you enjoy a good adventure yarn with  not only Holmes and Watson, but Verne too, then this ought to suit.


Reviewed 2013