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Show Me the Murder
Carolyn Mulford

Five Star
Feb 2013 / ISBN-10: 1432826883 / ISBN-13: 978-1432826888

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Phoenix Smith has returned to her childhood home in Laycock, Missouri to recover from gallbladder surgery. Wait…that is her cover story….she is recovering – but from a bullet wound. Yes, she is a spy and no one in her hometown knows it. She finds out that her best friend’s husband has been killed. Actually, the police are calling it a murder and suicide. Sheriff Boom Keyser was found with a lady in a sleazy motel. Annalynn Keyser thinks her husband has been set up. She wants her BFF Phoenix to help her prove it. The police department told her to let it go, especially Chief Deputy George Brendan.

Phoenix and Annalynn check over Boom’s papers and find nothing suspicious in his date book. But what happened to his cell phone? Phoenix is going over Boom’s computer in his office when she hears a phone ring. Strange since Annalynn said there was no extension in the office. Phoenix finds a hidden answering machine with several messages. She takes the tape and puts in a blank one. The next night there is a break in and only candlesticks are taken. Phoenix also knows that several of the tapes for the answering machine were taken too.
Things to ponder: Who actually broke into the house? What is on the tapes? Where did all Annalynn’s money go?

This is one fast paced heart-pounding read. One of the best books I have read in a long time. I loved how Phoenix learned to cope and hide her injury. The plot will keep you guessing. I hope we will be reading more about Phoenix Smith very soon. So if you like your mystery with a little touch of Homeland, then read this book.

Reviewed 2013