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The Silence of the Llamas
A Black Sheep Mystery #5
Anne Canadeo

Gallery Books
January 2013 / ASIN: B007EDOS0E

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Several, of the Black Sheep Knitting group, are going to the Fiber Festival at the Laughing Llama Farm. Maggie will be giving a spinning demonstration and the others will be there for moral support and to check out the wonderful booths that are selling various knitting- related items. Things are going well until the llamas are shot after the herding exhibition. While it turned out the llamas were shot with a paint gun, one of the llamas had a convulsion since it was shot in the head.
Ellie and Ben Kruger think it is another one of the pranks that have been happening since they purchased the Laughing Llama Farm. They think their neighbor Justin Ridley is behind the pranks. Ridley thinks Ellie and Ben will be selling their land as soon as the Open Space Laws expire and make a big profit.
A big ruckus occurs after the death of one of the llamas. Ben is seen by the police threatening Ridley. He is now the number one suspect, when Ridley turns up dead. The Black Sheep ladies will have to put aside their knitting to find out who is behind the murder.

Things to ponder: Why kill the llama? Who had access to the spindles that Ellie gave away at the Fiber Festival? What is Ben hiding from Ellie?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was like catching up with old friends. This is a real page turner and the plot will keep you guessing. If you enjoy mysteries that keep you in stitches, then this is the mystery for you.

Reviewed 2013