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Sins of the Father
Mark Terry

Orox Books
June 8, 2012/ ISBN B008DYXZOM
Techno-thriller / eBook

Reviewed by Dennis Collins

Dr. Derrick Stillwater works as a troubleshooter for the department of Homeland Security, his specialty is chemical and biological weapons. While taking a break between assignments he receives a letter from a lady with whom he shared a romantic interlude after encountering her on a previous adventure. Her name is Irina Khournikova and she’s an agent in the Russian intelligence service. The letter begins… “If you are reading this, I am dead.”

The letter goes on to reveal that Stillwater is the father of a young son whose name is Lev Arkany Khournikova. Stillwater feels the need to connect with his newly discovered offspring and seeks the aid of his friend Robert Mandalevo, the Secretary of State in expediting an emergency trip to Moscow. He is also very curious about the details of Irina’s death.

It doesn’t take very long for Stillwater to land in trouble once he arrives in Russia . Almost as soon as he steps off the plane he is kidnapped by members of the FSB, Russia ’s equivalent of our FBI. He is warned to leave the country and not to try investigating anything. Stillwater is unaware that his very presence creates problems for the FSB’s investigation into a domestic terror movement. It seems that a group known as “The Red Hand” led by disgruntled government insiders, has designs on the overthrow of the ruling party. The Red Hand is aware of Stillwater’s arrival as well.

He eventually manages to land at the American Embassy where he is greeted by his “tour guide” Erica Kirov. Once there, he receives a message from the Secretary of State that it would be appreciated if, as long as he’s in Russia he’d look into the apparent suicide of a weapons inspector. Now Stillwater has three missions; meet his son, find out what happened to his former lover Irina, and see if the weapons inspector did indeed take his own life. Seems like plenty of work to do and then somebody bombs the Embassy. Stillwater immediately identifies the bomb as a biological weapon and knows that his problems have just gotten bigger. When he begins to sniff around, the Red Hand hires an assassin to take him out.

Stillwater finds an unexpected ally in Konstantin Nikitinov an FSB agent who is more concerned with results than protocol. They form a secret alliance and work together to answer the questions. Along the way, Stillwater discovers that Konstantin has become very close to Irina Khournikova and believes that she may still be alive.

As with all Derrick Stillwater novels, this book is non-stop action from beginning to end. Author Mark Terry knows his subject very well and finds more challenging ways to test him with every new story. I have to admit that I always look forward to reviewing this series and I’ve never been disappointed. Mark Terry’s techno-thrillers are among the best I’ve ever read.

Reviewer & Columnist Dennis Collins is the author of Turn Left at September, The Unreal McCoy, The First Domino, and Nightmare
Reviewed 2013