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William Patterson

February, 2013/ISBN 9780786027644


Reviewed by Bob Walch

Jessie Clarkson made a big mistake. She married a psychopath and then, while pregnant, she fled from their home. Her main concern was keeping her unborn child safe, for Jessie knew Emil would kill her, if need be, to keep her from incriminating him.

Now, five years later, Jessie feels safe. Emil is dead and with Abby, Jessie’s daughter, ready to begin school, she wants to settle down and live a normal life. Then the killing starts!

All the victims die in a similar manner and, more to the point, each one has a connection to Jessie. What’s going on here? Either her husband isn’t really dead or someone else has the young woman and her daughter in his sights. One thing is quite sure; someone is sending a clear message to Jessie. She can run but she can’t hide. Her days seem to be numbered.

At over 500 pages this is a lengthy novel, but the suspense will make the pages melt away as you get deeper into the life of this character and the horror that stalks her. There are enough twists here to keep you guessing right up to the shattering conclusion of “Slice”!

Reviewed 2013