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Some Enchanted Murder
Linda S Reilly

Five Star
Feb 2103 / ISBN-10: 1432826816 / ISBN-13: 978-1432826819

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Apple Mariani and her Aunt Tressa have stopped by the Dwardene mansion to see what was for sale. Looks like just about everything is for sale except for the antique dagger collection which has already been sold. The mansion has been sold thanks to the great salesmanship of Aunt Tressa. Apple runs into Lillian Bilodeau, an elderly lady obsessed with cats. She has found a sweet porcelain cat and is on her way to pay for it. Lou Marshall, the appraiser for the estate, is the cashier for the sale. He also happens to be Tressa’s latest sweetie. The weather turns bad and Apple tells Lillian she will give her a lift home instead of her taking the bus.

Tressa stops by to talk to Lou and he gives her something for Apple. As they are getting ready to leave, the ladies hear a loud scream. It turns out that Lou has been stabbed in the neck with one of the antique daggers and the last person to see him alive was Aunt Tressa! Police Chief Paul Fenton will be keeping his eye on Tressa for more than one reason. Seems he also likes her. Looks like Apple will have to appraise the situation to make sure her aunt is not sold up the river.
Things to ponder: What is Lillian hiding? Why does Darby, the Santa Claus look alike, keep turning up? What did Lou and Blake fight about?

I love finding a new series and getting to read it from the first book. I see many possibilities for future novels. This was a fun fast read. I had the pages turning so fast that I was almost afraid of setting the book on fire. I loved the characters and can’t wait to see them again very soon. This was a fun read and I think you will enjoy reading it too.

Reviewed 2013