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Standing in Another Man's Grave
Detective Inspector John Rebus #20
Ian Rankin
Read by James Macpherson

Hachette Audio
January 15, 2013 / ISBN
Mystery / Scotland / Audiobook / Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Rebus is back as a retired civilian reviewing abandoned files. Rebus and the group he works with appear miserable with where they are in life, but they're still dedicated at solving the cold cases. Even in retirement, Rebus continues to aggravate his superiors. Now that the required retirement age has been changed, Rebus may reapply. But Rebus' Superior warns Rebus the letter of recommendation must come from him. Does Rebus' conform? Not hardly. He lives to solve cases; he's just not good with people. Maybe he needs to spend some time in the country.

Rebus is obsessed with solving any case that comes his way. The case brought to Rebus' attention is from a mother with a missing daughter - a cold case. She's certain her daughter's case matches more recent missing person cases. Rebus ends up in the country looking for answers. Lucky for Rebus, he's working with Siobhan Clarke. She overlooks his grumpiness and, for appearance sake, takes the lead. But it's Rebus with all the questions, and despite his rudeness and veiled threats he gets the answers.

The title Standing in Another Man's Grave is from Rebus' thoughts returning to a funeral he attended while listening to the song Standing in Another Man's Rain. Pretty cool title.

Standing in Another Man's Grave is a complex mystery worthy of Rebus' fans. I really enjoyed the audio version. I think listening to Rankin's Rebus series is something every fan should try. James Macpherson is a seasoned narrator of the series. His voice takes you to Scotland and pulls you into Rebus' life. Listening to the series will make you react out loud. And even though your feelings run the gambit with Rebus, you still want him to solve the case.

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