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Ten Lords A-Leaping
Father Christmas Mystery #3
C. C. Benison

Delacorte Press
Dec 3, 2013 / ISBN 978-0385344470
British / Mystery / Amateur Sleuth / Holiday: Christmas

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

"Croquet is a metaphor for life" Jane Allan, 10 Lords A-Leaping

Father Tom Christmas (Vicar of St Nicolas Church in Thorn Regis) has decided to combine all his fund raising events into one. His goal is to make enough money on one event so he can forgo all those small fundraisers. He does so with a skydiving fundraising event which turns out to be more of a hair-raising event. When the The Lords leap everyone is spellbound...

Once the fundraiser is over, Tom plans to celebrate his 40th birthday with his mothers. But after a bad fall, Lady Fairhaven lets Tom convalesce at Eggescombe (known as the Manor for Christie's Chimneys). While there he witnesses a bitter rivalry between family members, becomes attracted to Lady Lucinda and discovers a dead body in the Eggescombe Labyrinth. Tom's pretty sure he saw the back of the murderer's head as he or she left the scene.

At one point Tom feels the desire to divorce himself from the trouble of this privileged family. Just give what he knows to the police and exit Eggescombe, but he knows he must wait out the investigation; he owes it to Lord Fairhaven who agreed to the Skydiving fund raiser.

It's just not a Christmas mystery without Detectives' Blessing and Bliss. They arrive to assist the village rookie policeman, which makes Tom a bit nervous. He doesn't want them to know "everything" he's been up to…

Ten Lords A-Leaping, as Benison's last two Christmas mysteries, successfully entertains the arm chair sleuth with a complex mystery while tickling his/her funny bone. I love Tom Christmas. He's as realistic as a character can be. He makes you feel okay. Benison's writing flows effortlessly.... It was over all too quickly....


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Reviewed 2013