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Total Control
David Baldacci

Hachette Audio
April 2, 2013 / ISBN
Mystery/Thriller / Audio CD (Unabridged) Run Time: 16 hours, 58 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

David Baldacci brings us a thriller in the tradition of Robert Ludlum, except the spies are corporate spies. Jason Archer is an up-and-coming computer expert at the technology company, Triton Global. He tells his wife, Sydney, he‘sworking overtime on a special project for Triton. That is the truth, but not the whole truth. It’s another special project that has him at Triton at all hours of the night.

Sydney wonders if he’s seeing another woman. She decides to test the waters. She asks Jason if he’s ready to have another baby to go with their precious daughter, Amy. He agrees it’s time for the little family to expand. It would be their last chance. The next morning, Jason boards a plane for Los Angeles for a job interview. At least that’s what he tells Sydney. In reality, he’s going to Seattle to take something to someone he sill meet there. Sydney works for the law firm that represents Triton in all its legal matters, which means she will be going to New York.

Sydney Archer could never be a typical character in any book. She is beautiful, smart and a topnotch attorney. Had she known what Jason was doing, she’d have stopped him. Jason Archer is above average in many ways as well. But they are totally human. The plot in this thriller is ever moving, ever turning. Sydney learns just how fast things can change when the plane to Los Angeles goes down in a field in Virginia. Jason Archer is dead, and the plane was sabotaged. Sydney wants to know why. Thus began one of the wildest and most entertaining novels I’ve read. Read by Jonathan Marosz, it comes alive. Listen to Total Control and go on a wild ride into the world of corporate crime.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity
Reviewed 2013