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Tulle Death Do Us Part
Vintage Magic Mystery #6
Annette Blair

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2013/ 978-0-425-25193-5

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Maddie Cutler's shop, "Vintage Magic," is a highly successful clothing boutique, catering as you can obviously guess, to those who adore vintage clothing. Maddie is in her element, finding, repairing, and selling these well-loved fashions to people who truly appreciate them.

For Maddie, however, her work runs deeper than her title of shop proprietor does. You see, Maddie is inflicted- or is she blessed- with visions that come to her when she touches items of clothing that have deep emotions or trauma embedded in their very fabric. This has led her into trouble in the past, and does so again in "Tulle Death Do us Part."

The case of a young woman who disappeared into the ocean in 1973 is haunting Maddie's present. During a vision/ transportation back to that time, she witnessed a group of people planning a cover up. It could be that Maddie's magic touch is the only way to get to the truth.

It just so happens Maddie will be involved in some judging work at the country club's Golden Jubilee, and that woman, Robin O'Dowd, was presumed drowned the day after the Silver Jubilee. Will events come full circle and justice for Robin be served?

I have to confess I am such a huge fan of this series that I find it hard not to gush. I love the characters, the believable storylines, the fashion talk, and the supernatural elements. There are romances on track, those gone awry and familial relationships that continue to evolve.

While I have savored every book in the series, you do not need to read the others to enjoy this book. It's a fabulous summer read, and I believe it would appeal to teenage girls, college kids, and their moms. Anyone who fancies vintage fashions will be on cloud nine with all the descriptions and details given. Lest I forget- the cover art is beautiful too! In this case, you can judge a book by its cover- the words live up to the picture and then some!

Reviewed 2013