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Wave Good – Bye
A Southern Beauty Shop Mystery # 4
Lila Dare

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2013 / ISBN 0425257819

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Homecoming is right around the corner. The phone is ringing off the hook at Violetta’s beauty shop. In most cases, that would be a good thing. This was not most cases. The people calling were not making appointments or confirming appointments but were canceling appointments. They were all going to the new nationwide chain beauty shop – Snippets. They had specialized coupons or major discounts on the services they used most. How did Snippets get all this private information? Simple – Lisa Butterworth scammed Violetta and Grace Ann out of the information. Now Lisa is the manager of the new Snippets and has stolen most of Violetta’s cliental.

Grace Ann Terhune is spitting nails. She runs into Lisa Butterworth at the local Walk-Inn Foods store and causes a scene. She goes home and eats her now stone cold food and then decides to get a pet to keep her company. An injured parakeet with one eye will be her new companion. She packs up the supplies and the little feathery guy - but does not go home. She decides to check out Snippets and see what is causing all of her good customers to abandon shop. There is a light on in the back of the salon. Grace Ann knows she will not run into Lisa since she is having dinner with Wynn Goodman at the new hot spot Enchante’. Getting the flashlight out of the glove compartment could only lead to trouble.
Vonda Jamison, Grace Ann’s BFF since public school, invited Grace Ann over for pancakes the next morning. That is when Grace Ann finds out that Lisa Butterworth has been murdered. Probably around the time Grace Ann was trying not to fall through the windows at Snippets. Grace Ann will have to find the murderer to clear her name. But will it be before someone made her a split end?

Things to ponder: What were Wynn and Lisa fighting about outside Enchante’? Who owned the car in the Snippets parking lot after hours? Would Sam make it back to healthy under the loving ministrations of Grace Ann?

Lila Dare, better known as Joanna Campbell Slan has written another winner in her Southern Beauty Shop Series. I love the characters and how they interact with each other. This is a fun read. If you like your mystery mixed with a spritz of hairspray – then this is one book you should read.

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