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What a Ghoul Wants
Ghost Hunter Mystery #7
Victoria Laurie

Jan 2013/ ISBN 978-0-451-23897-9

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

MJ Holliday is a real-life Medium, much like the famous Long Island Medium of TLC TV fame. MJ even has her own cable TV show that shares the adventures of MJ and her crew and their ghost-hunting activities around the world.

This adventure finds MJ and cohorts in Wales, at a castle haunted by the Grim Widow ghost. The Grim Widow, rumored to be responsible for drowning guests in Kidwella Castle’s moat, spreads fear to all who visit. There are two more victims even as MJ and the crew prepare to start filming.

Will MJ be able to handle the Grim Widow and a living person with a murderous bent as well?

Author Victoria Laurie is quite talented at constructing paranormal mysteries. I like the characters and the unusual settings. However, in my opinion, with each book in this series, the characters and situations become more and more out there. Real “woo-woo” stuff, that often comes across as unintentionally hilarious.

While this book is fine for all ages, as is the whole series, I think it is best suited to teens and young adults who enjoy their stories when they are a bit over the top. I would not recommend it as bedtime reading though, especially if you are prone to nightmares.

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Reviewed 2013