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What the Cat Saw
Carolyn hart

Berkley Prime Crime
October 2012/ ISBN: 0425252744

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Nela Farley is coming to the rescue of her sister Chloe. She will be taking over her job at the Haklo Foundation in Craddock, OK for several weeks while Chloe and her boyfriend Leland go to Tahiti on vacation. It will be a good change for Nela who recently lost both her job and her fiancé. Chloe has set it up for Nela to have use of an apartment while she is working at the Haklo Foundation. She will also be taking care of Jugs the Cat. It seems the owner, Miss Grant, has recently passed away. Nela has the ability to know what cats are thinking. The cat implies that Miss Grant was murdered. She fell down a flight of stairs – but where is the skateboard Jugs insists she tripped over?

There is a break- in her first night in Miss Grant’s apartment. The desk is ransacked, but an expensive handbag is not touched. Inside the handbag is a diamond necklace. The intruder is gone before the police arrive - they think Nela left the door unlocked.

At work, the staff seems to think that Chloe is behind the pranks and vandalism that have been happening since she was hired. This includes the theft of a diamond necklace that is owned by the head of the foundation!

Things to ponder: Who stole the diamond necklace? Will Nela prove her sister is innocent of the pranks and vandalism? Was Miss Grant really murdered?
With the assortment of characters that work at the Haklo Foundation, Carolyn Hart has given us plenty of suspects. I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it – I had to find out what happened next. This is totally different from her Death on Demand series. I am hoping that this will be the first of many in this delightful new series.

Reviewer's Note: : Carolyn Hart is the author of the Death on Demand, Bailey Ruth and Henrie O mysteries

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