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Whiplash River
Lou Berney

William Morrow Paperbacks
July 10, 2012 / ASIN: B00CVDQCBA


Reviewed by Beth E. McKenzie

This is a guy’s book. As soon as I finished it I handed it to my husband and said, “Go for it!” and never expect to see it again.

It reminded me of a cross between a Dick Francis (which I love) but without horses and a James Bond (which I don’t) full of high speed chases, bad guys, outlandish situations, sexy women that are dangerous, exotic locations and a bunch of testosterone-driven decisions. The lead character in a Dick Francis novel is always just moving along with his life and – whammo! – somebody tries to kill him and he has no idea why. In James Bond movies high-energy, outlandish escapes happen with a fabulous woman at every turn.

Our main character, Shake, has done his time and is avoiding Baby Jesus, the drug lord who has the chit on Shake’s dream – a seaside restaurant in Belize. Then one night a Crazy walks in and shoots at a customer and the woman that has been flirting with Shake joins in the gunplay. She’s a US Federal Agent that is hoping to get Shake to flip on the Armenian mob that he went to jail for. The customer targeted for assassination, Quinn, is the classic bigger than life stereotypical American government official - think of Joe Don Baker the James Bond films – fast talking, friendly and FULL of BULL, but he’s the only friendly face that Shake sees in a sea of murderous intent. The lady agent will get him killed by the Armenians. Baby Jesus wants his money when the restaurant is blown up by the even crazier girlfriend of the would-be assassin. She’s mad a Shake for punching her man and is gonna take it out of his skin. So he hooks up with Quinn and the whirlwind begins from the Caribbean to set up a con to rescue a “valuable” American historical artifact in Egypt with a little side trip to California to pick Shake’s Armenian Mobster girlfriend who dumped him years ago. And everywhere they go the screw-up assassins pop up. Absolute silliness.

But you’ll never see the end coming, and I laughed like a hyena while they were sitting in that Egyptian jail!

Reviewed 2013