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The Whole Enchilada
A Novel of suspense (Goldy Schulz) #16
Diane Mott Davidson

William Morrow
August 2013 / ISBN-10: 0061348171
Mystery - suspense

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

A joint birthday celebration for Goldy's son Arch and his good friend Drew should have been a wonderful day. Unfortunately it ended with the unexpected death of Drew's mother Holly Ingleby. She collapsed on the way to her car when the party ended. Was it a heart attack? Or did someone put something in her food? There were certainly enough people at the party that hated Holly to give Tom quite a few suspects to question.

Goldy needs to put down her ladle and put on her deerstalker hat so that she can figure out what happened to Holly. All she needs is the right ingredients to lead her to a killer. Goldy just needs to be careful or she could end up down the drain.

Things to ponder: Who called Marla asking if Holly would be at the party? What happened to Holly's money? Was the man on Marla's driveway the same man that Goldy almost hit with her van? What did Holly want to tell Goldy and never got the chance?

Reading a new Diane Mott Davidson book is cause for me to do my happy dance. The books are well plotted with plenty of suspects and red herrings. I know once I pick up a Goldy Schulz mystery - I should not plan on doing anything else. Diane does not disappoint! I love the main characters and always look forward to seeing what they are up too in Aspen Meadow, CO. This is a fast- paced page turner that I so enjoyed. Diane always includes fantastic recipes that are mentioned in the story. So if you like your mystery filled with gourmet twists, then you should be reading The Whole Enchilada.

Reviewed 2013