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Woof at the Door
A Call of the Wilde Mystery #1
Laura Morrigan

Berkley Prime Crime
July 2013 / ISBN: 0425257193
Mystery – Cozy


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Grace Wilde was not your ordinary animal behaviorist. She had a big secret. Not only does Grace Wilde communicate with animals – but they could and would communicate with her! Why, she even has a look that once stopped a polar bear in its tracks. While returning a young lemur to his cage at the zoo, Grace gets a call from Detective Jake Nocera – he needs her help at a crime scene. Mark Richardson, son of the Governor of Florida and star quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, is dead and his dog is going crazy.

Grace realizes that in time, Jax the Doberman will remember what happened when his owner was killed. He is the only eyewitness to the crime. How will she explain knowing this vital information? If she tells anyone her secret, Grace will probably end up at the funny farm.

Grace needs to find out if the police have any solid leads for solving the murder of Mark Richardson. She is hoping that the case will be solved before Jax the Doberman remembers everything that happened. If Grace continues to involve herself in the investigation, she better be careful or she just might get her wings clipped.

Things to Ponder: Why kill Mark Richardson? How will Grace explain LaBryce Walker’s alibi? Will Grace spill her secret to Kai Duncan?

What a terrific premise for a mystery series - a woman with telepathic abilities who can communication with animals. The book is filled with humor – the vision of a lemur being worn like a hat had me laughing out loud. This is a fast-paced action packed read. I love finding a new author with a great new series. The only fault with this book is now I have to wait until Laura writes the next one in the series. So, if you like to talk to the animals, then you should read Woof at the Door.

Reviewed 2013