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14th Deadly Sin
Women's Murder Club #14
James Patterson, Maxine Paetro
Read by January LaVoy

Hachette Audio
05/04/2015/ ISBN 9781478927983
Suspense / Detective / Contemporary / California - Audiobook /- Abridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Happy Birthday to you....

The Women's Murder Club is back, with changes. Homicide detective Lindsey is now a mother and wife. Yuki, after her life changing event in the last novel, is still at the DA Office, for now. Yuki eventually makes a change, but it's a bit of a surprise and her choice isn't well received. Cindy, the Club's topnotch reporter, is celebrating the release of her new book, and Claire continues as the San Francisco Medical Examiner. Once again, the ladies are at a birthday celebration when Lindsey is called to a murder. It's a violent murder, and the killer had no qualms taking a woman's life out in the open.

The murder and the birthday celebration aren’t coincidences and Lindsey mentions it to Joe Molinari, her husband. Joe is a former federal agent, now deputy director of Homeland Security based out of the Port of Los Angeles.

He's been working 18 hour days on a special assignment, which is why he's taken by surprise when his boss calls to tell him it's not working out and fires him. Being the professional he is, Joe moves to a new case; he runs a comparison of the Club's birthdays and murders that occurred. His self-made case turns out even more dangerous than his last. The second thread is a gang robbing various businesses, and they're wearing Navy Blue SFPD windbreakers. The case moves from robbery to Drug gangs and violence. The private lives of the Murder Club shifts throughout. At one point, a bad decision by Lindsey gives Joe the opportunity to shine and get valuable Intel. Maybe Joe should get his own series.

There are certain things to expect with Patterson, an intense storyline filled with twists and turns, violence and language and, more recently, cliff hangers. Expect one in this storyline as well. The audio version of 14th Deadly Sin will have you sitting up straight. Listeners will appreciate January LaVoy’s ability to move from a loving moment with Lindsey and her family to the intensity of the criminals and the senseless crimes they commit. January LaVoy is best known for her role as Noelle Ortiz on the TV daytime drama One Life to Live.

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Reviewed 2015