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At The Drop Of A Hat
Hat Shop Mystery #3
Jenn McKinlay

Berkely Prime Crime
February 2015 / ISBN0425258912
Mystery - cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Arianna Jackson arrives at Mim's Whim London hat shop on a very rainy day. She produces an old hatbox that holds a 30-year-old hat and veil that was made by Mim herself. It has seen better days. Vivian Tremont, the current day creator of delectable headwear, agrees to restore it to its former glory. Arianna wants to wear it when she gets married. It is the only thing she has that belonged to her mother. Scarlet will text Arianna an estimate that should be within her budget. Then Arianna is off to get back to her job with solicitor Anthony Russo.

Several days later, Scarlet has not had an answer from Arianna. With the wedding deadline fast approaching Scarlet decides to walk to her office and discuss the issues. It is the first beautiful day in weeks and Scarlet is glad to be outside. Too bad she can't spend more time in Hyde Park. On the way, she gets a text from Harrison (handsome, hunky and part-owner of Mim's Whims). It seems Arianna lost her phone. That is why Scarlet hasn't been able to reach her.

Arriving at Anthony Russo's office, Scarlet knocks on the door. The door is not locked so Scarlet enters. She hears a deafening scream. Naturally she heads toward the sound and ends up in the back yard. There she finds Arianna leaning over a body. She is covered in blood. It is her boss, Anthony Russo. He seems to have fallen off the roof. Once again, Scarlet has to report a dead body to the police. Scarlet had better be careful solving this death; she could very well end up crowned.

Things to ponder: Why did Arianna want her boss dead? Was Anthony Russo pushed, accidentally fall or commit suicide? Did Scarlet go on an unexpected date with Harrison?

The author has the gift to bring the city of London to life. Having been there several times, it is like being back on another adventure. The story is well plotted and cozy mystery fans will enjoy solving this crime. I found it to be a page-turner of a read - since I had to find out whodunit. I really enjoy the protagonist (with her many quirks) and the delightfully charming cast of characters that come along for the ride. I can't wait to read the next Hat Shop Mystery. I doff my hat to the author of At the Drop Of A Hat.

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