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Aunt Dimity and the Summer King
Aunt Dimity #20
Nancy Atherton

4/14/2015 / ISBN 9780670026708
Mystery / Cozy / Contemporary / England / Paranormal

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


"Every back road is somebody's main road. No matter how rough or remote it might be, a road always leads somewhere, and for someone, that somewhere is home." - Aunt Dimity & the Summer King

American Lori Shepherd, her husband Bill, her twin sons, and her new baby continue to enjoy life in England. Finch is a small village where everyone minds everyone else's business in a protective, caring way. Lori has enjoyed bonding with her new baby girl, but now she's ready to get back out in the world. Lori treks down a forgotten wagon trail running behind her father-in-law's property.

She discovers a beautiful place called Hillfont Abbey, overgrown and neglected, but full of activity. A new friendship is forged when Arthur Hargreaves climbs over the wall to help Lori with her daughter and a defective pram. Arthur (aka the Summer King) isn't well liked in Finch because he's from Tillcote. A feud has been ongoing between Finch and Tillcote for centuries. Lori's not sure how upset the villagers will be when they hear she's friends with a Hargreaves, of all people, but she can't wait to hear about the feud.

Lori's main concern, though, is the amount of cottages available. An agent is bringing prospective buyers around but there are no takers. She's concerned a company will buy them and begin the process of turning their active village into a summer retreat. Aunt Dimity advises Lori to check with the local care taker about the condition of the cottages, and ask the villagers about the estate agent. What Lori hears concerns her so she's off to have it out with the agent. What she discovers has her fearful for everyone in Finch.

Sorry, folks, no bodies in this episode but there is a mystery. I have to say this is one of the most enjoyable mysteries I've read that didn't have a dead body or two. Atherton gives us plenty of clues and offers a suspect or two concerning the cottages. She also updates fans on Lori's post baby time, introduces us to her husband's aunts and reminds us of just how unique the Finch villagers really are. The aunts are scary, to the say the least, and the villagers continue to entertain. There is also a Pinwheel Cookie recipe at the back of the book.

Aunt Dimity and the Summer King is the perfect summer read.

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