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Aunt Dimity and the Wishing Well
Aunt Diminty Series
Nancy Atherton

Viking Adult
4/17/2014 / ISBN 9780670026692
Cozy Mystery / Paranormal / British

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Wishing Well begins with the funeral of Hector Huggins the only villager in Finch who was a stranger. Huggins wasn’t mean, he just liked being alone. He also enjoyed bird watching and fishing. Huggins nephew, Jack MacBride, arrives during the funeral. He just flew in from Australia and his first impression makes it clear he is nothing like his uncle. Jack moves into his uncle’s cottage; his goal is to fix it up and sell it. The villagers take to Jack and join him in clearing the large yard. American Lori and New Zealander Bree spend most of the time with him. When they clear the back area of the cottage they find a Wishing Well. Lori decides to have a little fun with it and make a wish. Everyone is surprised to see her wish granted. Lori thinks it’s a coincidence but the Villagers want to try it for themselves. Things begin to happen and the village begins to change. The late Aunt Dimity advises Lori to investigate the Wishes before someone gets hurt or worse - murdered.

Lori is the main character in the series. She moved to Finch with her husband and twin boys. Her husband’s father also lives in the village. Lori’s husband deals in international law. Lori takes care of her family and, in essences, the village. Lori feels over the years the villagers have come to depend on her. They often arrive at her door with local gossip and she gladly lets them in. Lori loves and appreciates the village of Finch and wants to protect it, which is exactly what she has to do in this mystery.

I’ve read various titles in the Aunt Dimity series. The only problem I’ve had when starting one was finding a stopping point. This series is hard to put down; each time I visit the residents of Finch I want to stay. Atherton gives me exactly what I want in a “cozy” – a charming village, unique characters, a likable sleuth, red herrings, and sometimes surprise endings. With the Aunt Dimity series there may or may not be a murder but there is always a spirited investigation (so to speak). My favorite titles in the series have to be Aunt Dimity: Detective, The Village Witch, and now, The Wishing Well.

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Reviewed 2014