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The Beat Goes On
The Complete Rebus Stories
Ian Rankin
Read by James Macpherson

Hachette Audio
August 11, 2015 / ASIN: B012O6RXWA
Mystery & Crime Short Stories/ Detective Inspector / Scotland / Audiobook - Unabridged - 20 hours and 28 minutes / Holiday: Christmas & New Year

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


The Beat Goes On is a collection of short stories and two novellas. In the preface, Ian Rankin gives listeners a little insight on the audio version they are about to enjoy by letting them know the first short story, "Dead and Buried," is the most recent written and takes place in the 1980s. The short story is linked to his novel Saints of the Shadow Bible. We find other short stories are linked to other titles, as well. Some of the stories are duplicates from A Good Hanging and Beggars Banquet. In the twenty-nine stories, there are six uncollected stories (written for the holidays) as well as two new ones at the end. Through these short stories, we see Rebus change from a young Detective Sergeant wanting to fit in to a worn-out, pessimistic Detective Inspector.

I had yet to try any of Rankin's short stories, so this was a real treat. I found some of the stories short enough to fit into a lunch hour and the drive time to and from work. If you're new to Rebus and find yourself obsessing (as many do once they pick up a Rankin title), then you might be interested in Rankin's nonfiction title Rebus's Scotland.

James Macpherson once again narrates Rebus through his current cases and personal tribulations. His narration of Rebus matches Rankin's version of this complex character. I can't imagine visiting Rebus' Edinburgh with anyone else.

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Reviewed 2015