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Black Karma
White Ginger Series #2
Thatcher Robinson

Seventh Street Books
November 4, 2014 / ISBN 978-1616140038

Reviewed by Linda Morelli


Black Karma, A White Ginger Novel (the second in the series) centers on a Chinese-American ppeople finder, Bai Jong. She's smart, an excellent knife thrower, attractive, independent and rich. This makes for an interesting character that does not have to grovel as a private investigator (PI) for any case just to make ends meet. In fact, her independence gives her a range of choices she can make that most other literary PI's would not have the freedom to make. The first and most intriguing point is why is Bai a PI when she is so rich? The novel provides a good explanation.

What I liked especially about Bai and the story is it introduced the reader to aspects of Chinese modern life in San Francisco's Chinatown normally not encountered in mainstream PI novels. Robinson brings to life a truly contemporary Chinatown beyond the usual stereotypical views.

Also, Bai is a complicated woman who is morally strong and believes in her work as a "people finder." Bai is a good moral fence-post that other family members and friends lean on while, at the same time, she is dealing with a swirl of questionable and downright nasty characters. When Robinson throws in the inevitable tensions of traditional Chinese values versus a modern outlook on life, one appreciates the waters that Bai must navigate daily.

Black Karma is an excellent, suspenseful and thoroughly enjoyable mystery/thriller with a gutsy, determined heroine.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2014