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The Blood of an Englishman
Agatha Raisin Mystery # 25
M C Beaton

Minotaur Books
September 16, 2014/ ISBN 0312616260
Mystery / British / Cozy / Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


It’s hard to believe we are already at number twenty five in the Agatha Raisin series. By now Agatha’s Detective agency is doing quite well. Everyone is busy and Agatha is attending an amateur play with the vicar’s wife. Damp people, mulled wine, and bad acting – it’s more than Agatha can bear, until something happens. Agatha’s nose for death and attractive men leads her to the producer and he tells her the local Baker is dead. Agatha takes up the case and hunts among the locals for a killer. Winter interferes with both the case and Agatha’s search for the perfect man. Even worse her ex-husband shows up with a fiancé. Agatha once again suffers close calls and humorous moments. Readers will be sufficiently entertained. With all the twist and turns I found it difficult to put down. Highly Recommended.

If Agatha was a real person; she’d be a reality star, but a likable one. Agatha has a unique way of engaging life, men and cases. She can be abrasive but for the most part she takes care of herself, pays her way through life and her antics can be quite humorous. I laughed out loud at the scene with the heels and ice. I find the series addictive. I have enjoyed both reading and listening to the various mysteries in the series.

By the way, MC Beaton leaves us with an interesting cliff hanger. I can’t wait for the next in series.

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Reviewed 2014