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Michael Robotham
Read by Sean Barrett

Hachette Audio
February 11, 2014/ ASIN: B00I8VUJIG
British Mystery / Audiobook / Download - Unabridged / 8 hours and 28 minutes

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Robotham’s British mystery Bombproof opens with a bang. Sami Macbeth is the main character, just released from prison. He is riding a carriage on the Central Line when it explodes. It brings Oxford Street to a standstill. Now Sami’s mind is running as fast as his legs. Sami knows the man who blew up the train – and himself. Sami takes off with a mysterious Rucksack, and as he runs a rumor of a suicide terrorist spill into the street. Now he’s really in trouble. Sami maybe a small time crook but he’s not a killer or a terrorist. His bad luck begins the moment he walks out of prison. First Sami discovers his sister Nadia missing then it seems anyone and everyone wants to either drag him back into a life a crime, arrest him or kill him.

Robotham grabs us in the first chapter then takes us back to when it all started – 3 days ago. There are moments I think Sami just might get out of it all but then it seems to get more and more hopeless. At one point, I just wanted to see how the storyline ends and if Sami survives. Bombproof is an absorbing, colorful listen. The first chapter may pique your interest but it’s the mayhem in Sami’s life that will keep you listening.

Sean Barrett narrates the audio version of Bombproof. His aged, gravelly voice is the perfect match for a character living more than half his life within a few days.

Mature subject matter / Strong violence and language
Reviewed 2014