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Jad Bell, #2
Greg Rucka
Read by John Glouchevitch

Hachette Audio / Mulholland Books
07/22/2014 / ISBN 1629238007
Thriller / Military / Terrorism / Audiobook /
Deaf Character: Bell's Daughter

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


After hearing such high praises about Alpha I knew I had to try Bravo. In listening to the first two chapters, I felt like I walked into the middle of a conversation, and realized I should have started with Alpha. I know Jonathan “Jad” Bell is Ex- Delta Force and he had a deadly experience with a lead terrorist in Alpha. In Bravo Jad is using that same terrorist to gain information about another attack on American soil.

Bravo opens with a top-secret, intimate meeting between a woman and a man, bartering as they make love. He tells her what he wants and she complies with conditions on behalf of the party she represents. The storyline then moves to Bell and his team (Chaindragger, Cardboard, & Steelriver) breaking into Vosil Tohir’s home, 72 hours after Bell and his team stopped a terrorist act created by Tohir (the Uzbek). What they learn is Uzbek works for a terrorist called the Architect (Echo). The Architect is active and ready to attack – again.

The opening is intense, but just wait—it gets even better. Bravo whips readers back and forth between different points of view, and we witness Bell’s professional and private life. His relationship with his ex-wife and deaf daughter humanize him, but professionally he’s lethal and someone to be feared. Bell’s character has great energy. I noticed when Rucker introduced some of his other characters, he did so with little information, which had me wanting more. Just when I thought I knew something… I didn’t… I found Bravo intense and well written. There is plenty of action and the content is as extreme as an undercover, government-involved terrorist-type book can be. The audio version will have you on the edge of your seat. Pass it on to your friends.

John Glouchevitch gives listeners a notable narration of Bravo. Glouchevitch also narrates Jeff Abbott’s Whit Mosley series.

Reviewed 2015