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A Brilliant Death
Robin Yocum

Seventh Street Books
April 5, 2016 / ISBN 9781633881280

Reviewed by Jen Oliver


Amanda Baron seems to have died in a boating accident. Her mysterious death seemed like it was a classic big boat meets small boat accident, but Amanda's body was never found. Her son, Travis, was a small baby when she passed away and his father erased her life and presence. As a teenager, Travis becomes more curious about his mother and sets out to find out what happened to her with his friend Mitch. Travis finds out what happens to his mother, but is it as dangerous as it seems?

The plot of A Brilliant Death appears to be a typical kid curious about how and why their parent is no longer living. Was it due to a jealous love? Was she involved in some criminal activity? The characters of Travis and the former detective with his own jaded history work well together: allied together despite their differences. The mystery has enough plot twists to keep readers entertained and not overwhelmed.

Overall A Brilliant Death is a great mystery that will keep readers intrigued and curious about what Travis and his friend Mitch find during their investigation of Travis' mother's death and the circumstances around it.

Reviewed 2016