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Buried in Beignets
J R Ripley

Severn House
28 August 2015 / ISBN 9780727885432

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Maggie Miller comes to live in Table Rock, Arizona to be near her family following a divorce. Here she will set up a beignet café, something she has always wanted to do since trying one on her honeymoon. But the day before the café opens Maggie has a nasty shock when she opens a box in her storeroom and there is a dead body in it. Not any dead body either, but her landlord with whom she was last seen having a heated discussion about faulty air conditioning. The police think she has done it, so it is up to Maggie to find out the real culprit as soon as possible.

This is book one in a fun new cozy series set in unconventional Table Rock, where people believe in aliens and a less mainstream life style. Expect some crazy relations, a cat, plenty of suspects, a hot detective, recipes and all the trappings of a good cozy mystery. Told in her own words, Maggie makes for a lively protagonist as she races around looking for clues and the culprit, while dodging attempts on her life and well-meaning relations and trying to open her café. If you enjoy this type of detective story this is a good one, being pacy, amusing without being too crazy and never losing sight of what a good mystery is all about, i.e. detecting. I would definitely read another, so I hope this is the first of many.

Reviewed 2015