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Detective Michael Bennett #7
James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge
Read by Danny Mastrogiorgio

Hachette Audio
9/29/2014 / ISBN 9781478955474
Suspense / Detective / New York / Audiobook -Unabridged

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks


Burn opens with Bennett appearing at the Los Angeles Federal Court House. He's testifying in the Tepito cartel / Perrine case. These scenes are really a conclusion to the last two titles in the Bennett series (Gone & I, Michael Bennett). Once it's all over, Bennett tells FBI special agent Emily Parker he's ready to get his life back. After nine months, Bennett and his family are ready to leave witness protection and head back to a normal life in New York. At least that's what they believe.

Bennett finds there are repercussions to his last case. It's affected his position as first grade detective and adoptive father. Bennett is meeting up the New York Commissioner on his first day back. He quickly discovers he's no longer on the A-list, and his meeting has been bumped down to Chief of Detectives Starkey. The two have a history. Bennett leaves the meeting as leader of the Outreach Squad in Harlem. It's a Police Squad of misfits, and they handle cases other police departments reject. Starkey labels the change as a promotion, but Bennett knows it's a demotion. Bennett may not be happy with the change but it's certainly entertaining to us. Readers learn some of these off-the-wall cases can be intense. One is pretty nauseating, and that's putting it mildly. Readers can expect plenty of action, a few laughs, and, as always, explicit content.

I have to say every time I listen to a Patterson title and cringe at the gory parts, I can't do this anymore -- and then another title comes out… I might as well face it, Patterson is addictive. Patterson and Ledwidge have co-written the entire series so far. They are the perfect team; the longer this series is around the better it gets.

Danny Mastrogiorgio narrates the audio version Burn. He also narrates Gone #6. Danny gives a convincing delivery of Burn. He is the ideal voice for Bennett. I enjoyed the light moments with the misfits, too. Highly recommended. Explicit content so remember your headset.

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