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The Button Man
Hugo Marston series #4
Mark Pryor

Seventh Street Books
Sept 2, 2014 / ISBN 9781616149949
Mystery / American in England

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf


I have the pleasure of saying Hey, Mark Pryor, you are a genius at writing enjoyable, fast moving books. I picked up this book and literally could NOT put it down, that fast moving, witty and entertaining writing kept me glued to my chair all the time I was trying to get up and take care of other things that needed to be done.

In The Button Man, a famous movie star (Dayton Harper) and his wife (Ginny Ferro) are visiting England to do some promo work. While driving to one of their destinations, they hit and kill a local, long time landowner in the rural area. Hugo Marston, who is new to England and in the US Embassy Diplomatic Service, Head of US Security is trying to find a new mystery to solve in his off-time by getting into the head of a killer of a street girl from a hundred years ago. He’s walking through a very old Cemetery and finds a body hanging from a tree, with a silk bag over its head. He goes into the office and lets every person who is important know what he found and the bodies start rolling in like clockwork. The first corpse Marston found was that of Ginny Ferro, the actress and wife of Dayton Harper. Marston’s thoughts on finding the killer of the woman a hundred years ago have to be put on the back burner. Because of the reckless driving and accidental killing of the farmer, and the outrage from the citizens of England, Marston is set about by his boss to become a babysitter or Nanny for the Actor and his wife, the body that he stumbled upon in the Cemetery hanging from a tree.

Marston gets in up to his neck and is brought in by the detectives and then told not to help them. Then he and a few others who were also included in the investigation(s) have gone out on their own. Dayton Harper has decided to fly the coop - without knowing his wife is the one found hanging at the tree, and leave the protective arm of Marston, Cooper and Pendrith. There appears a young gal named Merlyn, at a local pub, who may have a bit of knowledge of Harper. The Body count keeps mounting and Marston MUST stop this from getting any worse. The public relations division is getting ready to have fits and the local PD is going nuts trying to get one step ahead of the killer, it takes a lot out of everyone, including Merlyn and Marston, and a long voyage to Paris for Marston, before the pieces start to fit together.

This is an edge hanger of a book and I’m sure it took a lot of puzzle pieces put together to get the story to be cohesive and readable, and Mr. Pryor, you did a great job of all of it.

Thoroughly enjoyable, cliff hanger, finally getting it all in place and finding a very unlikely murderer in the brink of time. I personally LOVE your writing and am a Fan forever.

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