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The Cat, The Sneak and the Secret
Cats in Trouble # 7
Leann Sweeney

Obsidian Mystery
August 2015/ ISBN 0451415434
Mystery – Cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Jillian Hart’s almost stepson Finn has fallen in love with a cat. By the time they arrive at Mercy Animal Sanctuary to adopt the cat, the cat has escaped and can’t be found. Said cat turns up at Ed’s Swap Shop in a couch that Ed has recently picked up. Jillian, who has three cats of her own, goes along with Finn to rescue the cat. Jillian should be preparing for her upcoming wedding to Finn's dad Tom. The cat is freed from the couch and brings a locket with it. The locket is covered in a sticky substance that turns out to be blood. Deputy Candace is called and she treats the area like a crime scene. So we have a crime scene with no body. Jillian had better be careful or she might be late to her own wedding.

Things to ponder: Who owns the locket? Will Deputy Candace find a match for the blood? Will Jillian and Tom’s wedding go off without a hitch?

This new addition to the Cats in Trouble Series hits a home run for me. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you turning those pages. The story moves along at a great pace and will keep cozy mystery lovers happily reading to find out whodunit. Jillian always has time for her friends and cats that might need help. It is such a treat to read this delightful series. So, if you like your mystery filled with a real “cat” burglar, then you should be reading The Cat, The Sneak and the Secret.

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Reviewed 2015