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The Cat, The Vagabond and the Victim
Cats In Trouble Mystery #6
Leann Sweeney

Obsidian Mystery
August 2014/ ISBN 0451415426
Mystery – cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Jillian Hart is fostering Clyde the cat. Clyde is a big media star. It seems he ran away from his current owner to walk 200 miles to be with his original owner, Norm Jeffrey. It is a shame Mr. Jeffrey passed away before Clyde could see him. Clyde put up such a fuss that neighbors showed up and found Mr. Jeffrey had died. Now the media have camped in front of Jillian's house and refuse to leave without an interview. It seems everyone is jumping on the Clyde bandwagon. Or, it is a very slow news cycle. The Mercy, SC, police were called as the reporters had trampled Jillian’s flowers.

Deputy Candace asks a big favor of Jillian. She wants Jillian to do the interviews. It will take the focus off the death of Norm Jeffrey, which is now looking more like a suspicious death. Some of Mr. Jeffrey's heart medication is missing, and Candace is having an autopsy done. Jillian always gets drawn into Candace's cases. She better be careful investigating or she could end up clawed.

Things to ponder: Who gets possession of Clyde? Why kill a terminally ill man? Or, was it suicide? Will Jillian and Tom ever have a chance to let friends and family know they are engaged?

This is the sixth Cats in Trouble Mystery. I am happy to report that the author still has plenty of stories to tell and never disappoints. Like a fine wine, the stories just keep getting better. I am always eager to read a Leann Sweeney mystery. I enjoy a well-crafted mystery. The good news is The Cat, The Sneak and the Secret will be out in August 2015. Anyone have a spare time machine? No matter how hard I try – Leann Sweeney's books always become page-turners that I can't put down. Cozy mystery readers will enjoy this addition to the wonderfully delightful series. So, if you like a mystery filled with adorable furry guys, then you should be reading The Cat, The Vagabond and the Victim.

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Reviewed 2014