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The Chocolate Book Bandit
A Chocoholic Mystery #13
JoAnna Carl

Obsidian Mystery
November 2014 / ISBN 045146754X
Mystery - cozy

Reviewed by Cheryl Green


Lee McKinney Woodyard feels she doesn't have enough to do with her life. Running the TenHuis Chocolade shop and being newly married just isn't cutting it. So she decides to take a seat on the Warner Pier Library Board. Well, at least she will attend a meeting and see what is is all about. Most of the members arrive, and even though Abigail Montgomery is missing, the meeting starts. As they get to the last item, they all hear a loud scream. Lee is the first one to find the body of Abigail at the bottom of the basement steps. Never one to leave the solving of murders to the police, Lee gets involved. She better be careful solving this murder - she could end up past due.

Things to ponder: What was Abigail Montgomery doing in the library basement? How did Lee's resume end up under the victim? Who is Henry C Dunlap? What is Miss Vanderklomp hiding in the basement? Just what is going on with Joe?

JoAnna Carl has written another winner in her Chocoholic mystery series. I think the stories have gotten better over the years. The story is well-plotted and had me guessing until the very end. I couldn't put it down. The pages were practically turning themselves. I just had to know whodunit. So, if you like your mystery filled with library quiet, then you should be reading The Chocolate Book Bandit. The next book in this wonderful series is out in hardcover - so look for The Chocolate Clown Corpse.

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Reviewed 2014