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Confession At Maddleskirk Abbey
Maddleskirk Abbey – Book 2
Nicholas Rhea

Robert Hale
30 April 2015 / ISBN 9780719815751

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde


Father Will is happy to step in and take confession when Father Attwood has to go to the hospital. The first person to arrive is a woman who confesses to a murder, and shortly afterwards a body of an unknown man is found on the moors. Then Father Attwood is discovered to have vanished. Could this be to do with a terrible secret held by one of the monks? It is up to retired Inspector Nick Rhea to rally his band of monkstable and help the police get to the bottom of it all.

Nicholas Rhea is the celebrated and prolific author of many books, including the Constable series that inspired the popular Heartbeat TV series. This is the second in a new series about the adventures of his alter ego Nick Rhea in his retirement, bringing the series up to the present day and his new career at Maddleskirk Abbey. It follows on from Murder at Maddleskirk Abbey (also reviewed on this site) and rewards readers with being a lot less pedestrian and more interesting. As the author was in the police force himself much of it had the ring of authenticity, making it more than just a gentle continuation of the Constable series. Despite the cozy feel of the book this is still very much a police procedural with a good description of a hunt for the perpetrator. To say more would spoil the story, which is not exactly a mystery after the first few chapters but more a closing of the net, which again makes it a bit different to the usual murder tale. There is even a brief appearance by one of the Heartbeat characters, all making it an enjoyable and relaxing read.

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