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Kanae Minato
REad by Elaina Erika David & Noah Galvin

Hachette Audio
August 19, 2014/ ISBN B00M8JFD6M

Reviewed by Tiffany Artiaga


I was excited to listen to this audio-book when I read what it was supposed to be about, but I started getting confused after the first chapter. Confessions has two narrators so I found it hard to get into the story especially because it didn’t stick with the main narrator. I still managed to listen to the entire audio-book and I enjoyed the story, but I just couldn’t remember what had previously happened when I would start the book again. Whenever I got ready to listen to more I had to go back one chapter and re-listen just to keep up with the story.

Kanae Minato put a lot of detail and emotion into her story; there were times I felt I could actually be the mother in the story, going through the same experiences. I felt sympathy for her more than anger or fear. I understood why she wanted to exact revenge for her child, any mother would feel the same way. Although it was supposed to be a thriller novel I wasn’t on the edge of my seat like I thought I would be; instead I felt bad for her and I wanted to help her instead of fearing her.

I would have preferred Elaina Erika Davis be the only narrator, especially because the main character in the story is a woman. I didn’t think it was necessary for Noah Galvin to be a narrator for the story; I thought it threw the story off a little bit. If it had to have two narrators then it should have been another woman. Elaina Erika Davis is an actress for both TV and film; some of the shows she's appeared in are All My Children, Spin City, Law & Order, Book of Danny, and Contact. Ms. Davis has also narrated other books including Memoirs of a Geisha, In a Class by Itself, and When the Emperor was Divine. Elaina Erika Davis is fluent in both English and Japanese. Noah Galvin has narrated only a few books including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.

Reviewed 2014